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Free In Home Consultation

Mike Bennett - Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Posted 3 months ago

Personal Service and In-Home Consultations makes Enid Storm Shelters different. We take pride in our level of personal service and have had remarkable success with this philosophy and have earned an accredited A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. We invite you to read our customer reviews on our Facebook page or on our website at www.enidstormshelters.com.

We strive to be different with personalized, no hassle, no pressure consultations where we can offer you expert advise on shelter placement, size and type with no hidden fees or trip charges.

And, because storm shelters are our ONLY business, we can focus our attention on your exact needs to avoid costly, tragic mistakes. We do not expect you to make a major purchase like this over the phone.

First, there are too many unknowns that many times requires a site visit. Some of the installation equipment is large and we need to determine if we have the needed access to the location you would like your storm shelter to be.

Second, our steel safe rooms are custom built to fit our customer’s needs. We will come to your home to take down measurements and specially build the safe room to your needs and specifications. An extremely important part of this visit is to inspect the installation site to be sure the safe room can be properly and safely anchored to substantial concrete.

Third, with our personal service and expertise we can offer advice on shelter type, size, location and other options. This is a very difficult task to accomplish over the phone and can lead to mistakes made.

All of our shelters have been successfully impact tested and approved at the Texas Tech University Wind Institute and meet or exceed all FEMA standards. Enid Storm Shelters offers a wide variety of ABOVE GROUND and BELOW GROUND storm shelters in both concrete and steel.

We invite you to call us at 580-554-1900 to schedule an appointment or contact us through our website.

Mike Bennett


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Mike Bennett - Monday, June 12, 2017
Posted 1 year ago



When purchasing a storm shelter, there are several things you need to consider. Not all shelters are created equal so to speak. A few months ago, I wrote a blog titled “Buyer Beware”. That blog covered things such as hidden charges, trip charges, out of state companies moving in after a disaster and then moving out, just to mention a few of the topics.

This blog deals more with the quality of the shelter itself and the installation. Enid Storm Shelters purchases their shelters from a company in Oklahoma that has been in business since 1954. A company who is beginning their 4th generation as a family owned company. They have built and installed more than 75,000 storm shelters in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, and Arkansas and a few other states. Enid Storm Shelters could not be backed by a better company and we are proud to be associated with them as they have earned our total confidence.

When you are investing money into a storm shelter you need to know that your investment is going to last, that your family is protected, and that your storm shelter is going to add value to your home. These are the things we talk about when we visit a family’s home to discuss installing a shelter. Free in- home consultations is one thing that sets us apart. We will gladly visit your home to help you decide what type and size of shelter best suits your family and property. Other companies expect you to figure this out for yourself and order your shelter over the phone.

I could write a small book on the specific features of our shelters. Not to mention, the manufacturing quality, quality of material, and quality of the manufacturing processes and installation processes of the shelters offered by Enid Storm Shelters. These are things better left explained in person during an in- home visit. Or, you can see for yourself by reviewing our website. You can also read the many positive reviews we have received on our Facebook page. We invite you to check us out at the Better Business Bureau where we have been accredited with an A+ Rating, largely due to not having any complaints filed. It is advisable to check with the Better Business Bureau on any company you are considering. It is also largely due to the company that builds our shelters. Now granted, our manufacturer is not perfect and neither are we. When a company has built and installed as many as 75,000 shelters, they are going to occasionally make a mistake. It is our experience that the mistakes are few and far between. But, when they do make one they are quick to correct and make up for that mistake. Customer satisfaction is the best and cheapest advertising in the world, and so customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Be aware of price wars. Companies that offer huge discounts on shelters should give you pause. Why and how can they advertise their shelters so cheap? What are their warranties? And, do they have a reputation for honoring their warranties? Does the advertised price include sales tax, or mileage for shelter installs beyond their service area? What about trip charges if they show up and for some reason can't perform the install? These are what I call "hidden charges". Enid Storm Shelters does not give estimates. We give quotes so you know exactly what the cost is to the penny the day we install your shelter. Are you comparing apples for apple when it comes to shelter quality and size?

And last, but not least is the testing. It is very important that any shelter you are purchasing has been engineered and impact tested to withstand EF5 winds. . Part of this process is testing the door. You have a right to ask to see the engineering documents with the Engineers stamp.

Quality really does matter. And often, you get what you pay for. If you think you are getting a real bargain, it could be cause to wonder if the company is cutting corners somewhere.

Enid Storm Shelters is a locally owned and operated business specializing in personal service and customer satisfaction. We strive to be different by offering personal, no hassle and no pressure in-home consultation with no hidden service or trip fees. We hope to earn your trust.

Mike Bennett


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Download 4Warn Me app

Mike Bennett - Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Posted 2 years ago

In the last few days I have had conversations with several customers and became aware of something I thought would be a worthy topic.

I visited with a gentleman I will call Bob (not his real name), who told me he was at home watching TV when his town was placed in a tornado warning. It was well after dark, in the 10 o'clock hour. Bob, not having a storm shelter for his family to seek protection, decided to leave his home and attempt to drive away from the approaching tornado. He traveled north out of town on a blacktop. What he did not realize is, he was driving right into the projected path of the tornado. He was lucky enough to see it in a field just to his west during a flash of lightning. Bob stopped and turned around and thus was able to avoid it. The situation could have been much different and could have ended tragically, if not for a lucky lightning flash.

It happened to be Medford,OK on April 30, 2012. I had been chasing that storm for KFOR-TV beginning 8 miles west of Jet, OK. This storm produced several tornadoes that day before it even reached Medford. It produced a tornado again just southwest of town and stayed on the ground traveling north toward Highway 11, just barely missing the western edge of town. By the way, Bob lives on the farthest west edge of town. After it moved past the city it turned and began moving northeast and passed just to the north of Medford.

This is only one example of the stories I have heard over the years.

Getting in your car with an approaching tornado is not a good idea for several reasons, and I have written on this subject in other blogs. In short, automobiles are no match for a tornado of any size or strength. However, I am a realist and know some people are going to do it anyway. When you get in your car, it means you are leaving your TV and source of information. When you get into your storm shelter the same is true.

I have a viable option. If you own a Smartphone, Android, or I-pad, you can have the same information you receive from your television on your phone or I-pad. All you need to do is download a FREE app. The one I recommend is the 4Warn Me app available in the app store. This is a link to the 4Warn Me and KFOR App Center. http://kfor.com/weather/app-center/

With this app you will be able to watch live video streaming of all KFOR-TV newscasts and breaking weather and news events.

You can track severe storms in your neighborhood, receive severe weather alerts and view high resolution radar. You can also track earthquakes, lightning and projected storm paths. If you have an internet connection you can have TV in your car or storm shelter.

This is a free service to keep you informed of severe weather and hopefully keep you safer. Download it for free before the next storm threatens your city.

Mike Bennett

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